FAQs - Fabulously Answered Questions

How do I register for fall 2023?

You can register each of your children through our super-convenient registration link here. Registration occurs through our course catalog site and is very easy to complete, however we do address some common questions below. The only thing you MUST do is add all the classes to your cart as well as the Registration Fee. Without paying the fee, your spots will not be reserved.  Payments are monthly, annually, or semi-annually, your choice. There are 30 weeks of instruction but offer a monthly payment option for your convenience.  (We do not charge by the week to make budgeting easier.)

What discounts do you offer?

This year we are offering our pay-in-full discount of 10% off your total amount. This is non-refundable. We are also offering a semi-annual discount of 5% if you choose to pay half in September and half in January. These payments are also non-refundable. We also offer an additional 10% discount off your total invoice for 6+ class enrollment. This can be per child or per family. Monthly payments are non-refundable, but you can withdraw at any time and not be required to pay any future months. 

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

Our scholarship fund, EJE Memorial Education Fund, Inc. offers need-based scholarships to families who cannot afford our tuition rates. We also accept the ESA+ grant which helps many families have minimal out of pocket expenses for our programs. Our flexible payment options (monthly for 9 months, monthly for 12 months, credit cards, etc.) allow for families to spread out the payments in the most comfortable way for their family. ESA+ grant application is here: www.ncseaa.edu/k12/esa/esa-interested/ 

How does enrollment work?

When you go through the registration process, you will select the classes for your child(ren). After paying the registration fee, your child(ren) will be added to the open seats or wait-lists for those classes. You will receive a confirmation email with important forms and information. Following that, you will receive an invoice with your preferred payment method (1, 2, 9 or 12 payments) and any applicable discounts.  The invoice explains the various methods of payment accepted (credit card, bank draft, Zelle) and is very straight-forward.

What if the class I want is full?

Your child will be added to the wait-list, and should an opening arise he or she will be added to the class.

How can I find a class in the course catalog?

Our course catalog allows you to sort the classes by time (morning or afternoon), day, location, subject, and grade. You can also use the search bar to find classes based on title or tutor. 

Are you a Christian program?

Although the majority of our tutors are practicing Christians and we often will refer to our beliefs in conversation, we do not use Christian curricula or include Bible instruction in our classes, with a few exceptions such as our Bible classes. We try to keep the instruction "religion-neutral" and avoid controversial topics. We also do not push any social agendas that may be concerning to families. We believe that religious education is the parents' right and duty to provide, not a tutor's. We welcome children from all religious and non-religious backgrounds. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing, loving, kind, and intellectual environment for all our learners.

What is ClassDojo and do I have to get it?

ClassDojo is our communications app, and we love it because it's super easy to send messages to your tutors, see photos they take during the day, and ask questions about what is going on in class. We use it weekly to update you on what the learners are doing, and important Learning Habitat events and happenings!

Can my child just come for one class?
Absolutely! There is only one exception to this: if a class meets twice a week, that is because we really feel the child needs to attend twice to get the most out of the program, and we do not offer discounts for just attending one time.  You may find, however, that your child wants to sign up for more classes if you only register for one! 

Do you provide grades?

We do not do any sort of grades, tests, or achievement marks. We assess our learners every time we meet to see how they are mastering the material, however, we do not need traditional assessments to do so. We try to keep the learning environment as stress-free and positive as possible, so we eliminate anything that could cause anxiety such as tests or quizzes. Any homework is optional, but provided for extra practice. 

Do I have to be a registered homeschool?

Yes. All of our learners age 7 and up must be registered as homeschool students with the state of North or South Carolina. North Carolina Home school Registration is here: ncadmin.nc.gov/divisions/non-public-education/home-schools/file-notice-intent-operate-home-school 

My child has (insert learning or other disability here). Will that be an issue?
With the exception of severe anxiety or dangerous behavioral disorders, we can accommodate most learners with disabilities. Physical disabilities will be decided on a case-by-case basis due to our limited space and support personnel.  We can accommodate most hearing, speech, and sight disabilities, and almost all learning disabilities. Children on the autism spectrum typically do well in our program, but again may have needs beyond what we are capable of providing. Our code of conduct and behavior contract requires that all children be non-aggressive and non-violent. Repeated behavioral disruptions and outbursts are not acceptable. Obviously we can meet and discuss your specific concerns with your child before enrollment. 

Can we come for a tour?

Tours are available on weekdays by appointment. Email admin@thelearninghabitat.com for appointments. We will also have numerous Open House and Meet-and-Greet events throughout the year. 

What are your referral rewards?

We offer $100 per family who enrolls who names you on their registration. See more here.

What fees do you charge?

Our enrollment fee is $200 before July 1, 2023. After that time, it increases to $250.  Our supply fee is $50 per child. Our art fee is $35 per child enrolled in an art class. $20 registration fee for ASL pays for the online practice component, and is once per year.  Field trips (unless free) will also have a fee.

What if I want to add more classes to my enrollment later?

You will be able to add more available classes through our registration site throughout the year. Just register your child for the new class and we will welcome them next time it meets! Your invoice will be updated the next time you receive it. If you wish to pay in full for the class, please email us.